Your Turn: Help Us Rename the Robert Moses Parkway in Niagara Falls

Want to leave your mark on a piece of the state? Now you can by proposing a new name for the Robert Moses Parkway North in Niagara Falls.

New York State will replace a two-mile stretch of the Robert Moses Parkway North in Niagara Falls with about 300 acres of open space, recreational trails, and scenic overlooks of the natural beauty of the Upper Niagara River and the Niagara Gorge. This will be the largest expansion of green space since the Niagara Reservation was designed in 1885, and link the Niagara River Gorge and Falls into a single destination.

Read more about the project and history of the parkway here.

Please help us by suggesting a new name for the Robert Moses Parkway below. New Yorkers are encouraged to submit names that reflect the rich history and natural environment of the region. The winning name will be selected by a committee comprised of State representatives and members of the local community, and unveiled on a permanent sign during an official ribbon-cutting event when the project is complete.

The submission period is now closed. Thank you to those who proposed new names for the Robert Moses Parkway. To receive updates on the project, please fill out the form below.